Want to Get People Talking?

Starting a conversation can be the hardest part of professional networking. What do you say to stand out? How can you be memorable? Our conversation starters are the perfect thing to help you connect!

Conversation Starter Cards:

Connect with Confidence!

It can be intimidating to walk up to a stranger and say “Hi, do you want to talk?”

To help you get past that awkward first contact I’ve created fun Networking Tips Cards get things started with a laugh. They’re just the thing to let you approach people while we all get used to seeing each other in person.

Post-Pandemic Networking Cards

These clever cards are just the thing to start your next conversation with a smile. Each card contains a funny saying to help you break the ice in post-pandemic style. We are all getting used to meeting in real life again, so use these business card sized to let others know you’re ready to network… and we can all use a laugh too.

Each set contains a mix of Tips, Reminder and Sorry cards to delight and entertain. Each card has a place to write your name and contact… so they remember you!

An Event Journal to Help You Plan and Keep Track of Networking Activities

Have you ever forgotten an important name, phone number, email after a meeting or event?

This simple mini-journal let’s you keep track!

Sometimes low tech is the best tech… great for grabbing things as they happen.

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