Reinventing Your Business Interactive Planning Pack

Interactive PDF Forms and Exercises that Help You Sustain Your Business

Take control of your short term business planning with this set of interactive worksheets to help you manage resources and expenses each month. Brainstorm new ways to drive revenue and reduce costs through economic hardship.

These savable, printable, reusable pdf forms are made to work with the Reinventing Your Business Workbook: Pandemic Edition. But they can also be used on their own for a simple, very short-term planning process for your small business. This set of fillable, printable forms make it faster and easier to work through the exercises in each PACE cycle.

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More Books, Software and Tools

These are resources that I’ve found helpful over the years. Some will help you develop specific skills. Others can help you understand important concepts to apply to your business. You will find a variety of items here that you can purchase as well as some that don’t cost a dime. Browse around and see what you can find that strikes your imagination.


(Full disclosure: as an affiliate I may receive a small commission from Amazon, services, or software platforms if you purchase those items.)

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